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Abandoned Children

Page history last edited by Vi Phan 12 years, 7 months ago


Parents Give Up Youths Under Law Meant for Babies

New York Times

Erik Eckholm

Published: Oct. 2, 2008

Oct. 2, 2008




It all started out on Sept. 1 when parents began to leave their children at hospitals and police stations in Omaha without returning for them.  First it was one child at a time and then all of the sudden, ten children at once.  The age of these children are between infant to 17.  The law that allowed parents to leave their child was meant to "prevent Dumbster babies" according to Erik.  Instead this law is now being interpreted the wrong way.  Parents are abandoning their children because of financial problems and individual burdens.  without seeking for additionall help, parents thought that the best way to get out of the problem is by leaving their children in someone's care yet in reality it is.  This action shows how irrational and careless these people can be.  _Vi Phan_




Should dad have been allowed to leave nine kids?

Family members: If not for law, he might have turned to us instead


Michael Inbar

Published: Oct. 2 2008

Oct. 2 2008



The Safe Haven Law was passed throughout the country to allowed mothers to leave their infant at hospital, police station, and fire department without being asked for personal informations as well as interogations, yet one out of fifty-two states stated the law very unclear.  In Nebraska, the Safe Haven Law was passed  to except all minor children.  Gary Staton used this law to abandon his nine children at a hostpital.  He demanded that his children was a burden on him since his wife had passed away.  By being laid off, he felt that he wasn't up to the task to raise his children therefore abandon his children at the hospital.  His wife's family was shocked with his actions.  They questioned why he didn't seek them for advice first before making the final decission.  Now his children has dispursed all over the place.  Most of children are temporaily staying at an aunt's house until further noticefication by the court and some of them are staying at a foster home. _Vi Phan_




Nebraska: Michigan Boy Abandoned

NY Times


Published: October 13, 2008

Oct. 15, 2008



A women from Michigan drove many long hours to drop off her teenage son in Nebraska because of babies law according to the associated press of new york times.  It was showned through an investigation that the woman was not a resident of Nebraska and didn't have anything to do with the state.  Due the broaden law, the boy was taken into custody and are staying at a shelter place.  This action proves to the Department of Health and Human Services that they should look into rephrasing the law again.  Although there are many thoughts invovle with the rewrite of the New Haven Law, nothing can be done until after January because that's when Legislature will resume to work.  _Vi Phan_




Law’s Effect: An Iowa Girl Is Abandoned in Nebraska

NY Times

Published: October 8, 2008
Oct. 15, 2008
The first girl to be abandon in Nebraska from out of state was from Iowa.  The mother crossed the border line and dropped of her child at a hospital.   The Human Services Departnemt had contacted the Iowa Human Services to see whether the girl will be return to state's foster home or to her parents.  As off right now, the girl is under Nebraska care.  Many children are dropped off by their parents because they are out of control and resist to listen to  their guardian.  Eversince this law was passed, all of the children who were being abandoned was mostly in their teenage year.  Not a single infant was abandoned even though the law was suppose to prevent "dumbster babies". _Vi Phan_

Nebraska: After Second Thoughts, Guardians Take Back Abandoned Girl

NY Times

Published: October 9, 2008




As soon as the girl from Iowa was left at a Nebraska hospital, her guardian took her back into their custody.  According to the associted press, it was only to teach the girl a lesson.  While at the hospital, the girl went under investigation of whenter or not the girl was abused back at home.  After many investigation, none was found.  _Vi Phan_










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