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Alpha Phi Omega

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Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed fraternity with some 17,000student members around the country.  The purpose is to instill leadership skills in students on the Drew campus.  They also promote friendship and provide services to the community and nation.  Such events include blood drives and collections for our military overseas.  A top their national services they also work with other humanitarian groups around the world.  For more information on the fraternity you can go to their website atwww.apo.org.

-Andrew Buchanan


Thousands of college students become members of fraternities every single year because of the excitement and belongingness that a frat brings. Alpha Phi Omega is the ideal fraternity. It is a nationwide fraternity that betters its members in many different ways. Drew University is one of its prime locations and is looking for new and adventurous students, both men and women. There is many different activities it puts together both through the school and as a nationwide organization. If you want to meet new people that are just as fun as you, and want to improve your ability as a leader, Alpha Phi Omega is the place for you.

-Ted Randazzo


Why someone might join

I had no idea that there was a co-ed fraternity, let alone a Greek life at Drew.  I think it sounds like a great idea but it’s definitely not for me.  Since I have already developed leadership experience through the military and contribute time and money to the U.S.O. I would rather focus on my education.  However, for younger students coming out of high school this could be a very useful tool to prepare them for the world.

-Andrew Buchanan


Fraternities have never been the lifestyle that I wanted when I went to college. To me they are way too intense and if anything not fun. Frats exemplify what I think is people who  just like to party all the time, and try way too hard to isolate themselves from the college community. So Alpa Phi Omega would not be the right place for me.  


- ted randazzo



add news about the club and descriptions and reviews of events here (even if you didn't join you can attend events!) Give each event a level 3 heading


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