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Chinese's Milk Kills Babies

Page history last edited by Vi Phan 15 years, 2 months ago


when the US realize about the crises in babies formulas in china, the should care and intervene because just to pass nutrition test and add in melamine is very non-human and will not only affect the country of china but also effect other countries around the world that china is exporting the goods too.  Not only are US should care for our own safety of the children living in the states, but also children from other part of the world as well.  





Chinese Baby Formula Scandal Widens as 2nd Death Is Announced

Jim Yardley

New York Times


Published: September 15, 2008


Ministry of Health from China publicly announced that baby formula have been contaminated with melamine.  Two out of a proximately 1500 babies had died because of the formula.  the inspection teams of china are spread out and are visitting the four main dairy producer of china.  they are making sure that these corporations are not violating the food safety.  Through many inspections, this infected formula was linked to China's largest dairies producer named Sanlu Group which are also linked to New Zealand dairy base, Fonterra, due to joint venture.  there were compliants about the unhealthy milk product beginning in March, yet it wasn't taken seriously by the Chinese's Health Ministry until it was proven that these contaminated formulas can lead to kidney stone.  the company wanted to have better sales in the babies formula because in recent year the sale decrease dramatically due to lack of neutritions.  they added melamine to passed the nutrition test and the new product was welcome by many mothers.  through many advertisement, the sales increase and until recent incidents.  New Zealand are blaming chinese officails for the incident and concluded that this had nothing to do with them.   since this matter spread, the heath ministry are aiding the far away are first.  due to lack of transportations and medications in the poor area, children there are the first on the list of medical attention.  _Vi_


Warning on Chinese Baby Formula

Bloomberg News

New York Times


Published: September 12, 2008


Food and Drugs Administration publicly warned that Chinese baby formulas are contaminated with "pet food".  This formula now are being sold in the US with no caution signs of anything stating that it was produced from China. More than 340 babies are hospitalized in china and roughly 53 children are in serious condition leading to kidney failure and more internal issues. according to Janice, the food safety wants to get the message out there through chinese community about the unsafe "pet food" added to the babies formula.    _Vi_


Worried Parents in China Wait for Answers on Tainted Formula

Jim Yardley

New York Times


Published: September 17, 2008


Parents are sitting outside of a children's hospital filling registration forms and waiting impatiently and helplessly for the answer whether or not their child will get cure from drinking the formula.  Many children had suffered a small kidney failure and maybe will get worse.  Parents of these unfortunate children are forming a group with lawyers by their side demanding justice.  due to low income, these parents are force to feed there children "unbrand name" formula since it was cheaper then the brand name ones.  they are well aware that the producers are only taking advantages of low income families since they know that $3.20 for two days worth of food for their children is a lot cheaper than $5 for brand name milk.  after the incident, formula produced in china are not welcomed by its citizens.  while imported milk that are not link to be maked in China are flying off the rack, milk from chinese producers are not creating a big sale.  parents are worried about their children's health and are willing now to purchase imported items even if it costs them more.  it was explained that because babies formula produced from sanlu are needed to add a lot of water to change to milk, it wasn't pass to have enough nutrition in the formula.  by adding melamine, which is high in nitrogen will cover and pass the part of any lack of nutrition during the test.  _Vi_



China Says More Milk Products Show Signs of Being Tainted

Edward Wong

New York Times


Published: September 18, 2008


Sanlu Group was the first to ever produce contaminated baby formula.  Many people who have purchased the item are now in one line outside of the company demanding refunds and attentions toward their hospital bill.  the result of this horrible release of baby formula, "a senior government official" was fired and 18 polices were arrested.  _Vi_





China’s Top Food Quality Official Resigns

Published: September 22, 2008
It was announced Monday that "China's Top Food Quality Official will resigns".  Due to this scandal, Li Changjiang, already lost his job.  In addition to that, police have arrested 19 suspects who poured melamine into the "big mixing bowl" on purpose.  Further investigation will proceed. while that is being taken care off, the chinese are wondering why and how the largest dairy producer in china could have done such thing.  they were wondering if anything from the past was learned about the contamined toys, toothpaste and rice.  it was reported that sanlu had produced 700 tons of the contaminated formula and distributed to more than 21 other companies.  the chinese officials are now the process of banding those companies from saling the contaminated fomula.  _Vi_

13,000 Babies in Hospital for China Formula

Published: September 21, 2008
The Health Mindistry have retally the number of babies who were infected by the contaminated formula and the new number doubled the old tally.   Many children were examined and tested for whether or not they've contained melamine in their system, yet they weren't admitted to the hospital.  The children who were admitted had kidney failure which might lead to bigger issue.  _Vi_







Potential Floods along US-Mexico border

"West Texas braces for Mexican reservoir release”

Associated Press

USA Today online


Published September 20, 2008

Date I accessed it was September 20, 2008 at 11:00 PM

The Luis Leon Water Reservoir in Mexico is very full and may have to be released into the Rio Grande, which divides Mexico and the United States.  If this action is taken, then officials in Presidio, Texas are worried that it can cause flooding there.  A crew of prison inmates is currently putting sandbags down in order to protect Presidio.  The Texas Governor, Perry, declared Presidio a disaster area and asked the federal government to agree. -Callie Corro   


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sandra jamieson said

at 1:41 pm on Nov 21, 2008

Vi, these are way too short--the next step is to make them long enough that you can use them for your paper. Aim for 5-10 sentences per summary!

sandra jamieson said

at 12:23 pm on Dec 2, 2008

Once you have expanded your summaries, post your thesis at the top of the page so I can give you feedback--don't forget that this paper is due in class on Wednesday 3rd

sandra jamieson said

at 12:05 am on Dec 3, 2008

Good. So to simplify the argument, the US should care both for the safety of the children living in the states, but also out of concern for children from other parts of the world as well. Your implication is that if we do not care and therefore take action, this will continue and more babies will die. Yes?

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