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CIA coverup of plane crash in Peru

Page history last edited by Xenia Fisher 14 years, 10 months ago

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“C.I.A. Withheld Data in Peru Plane Crash Inquiry”

Mark Mazzetti

New York Times online


Published: Thurs. Nov. 20, 2008 Accessed: Sun. Nov. 23, 2008

                In 2001 a missionary plane was shot down over the Amazon forest in Peru, when a C.I.A. surveillance plane mistakenly identified it as a drug smuggling plane, and a Peruvian fighter jet shot it down. The C.I.A. investigated the incident and found that no procedures had been broken and that it was a single mistake in an otherwise smoothly running operation. However, further investigation into the C.I.A. found that officials withheld information from the investigation proving that there were officials at fault for the shooting, and did not allow the White House access to this information. The report also shows that the C.I.A. has routinely misled the White House and Congress between 1995 and 2001, and that there are documents proving that there were severe violations of intercept procedures in the shooting of the plane. The investigation also found that there have been many mistakes in the counternarcotics program being run by the C.I.A in Peru.

                -Xenia Fisher

“Report says CIA withheld information from White House”

Associated Press

News One online


Published: Fri. Nov. 21, 2008 Accessed: Sun. Nov. 23, 2008

                The C.I.A. withheld information about broken procedures from the White House, Congress, and the Department of Justice for 6 years with regard to a counternarcotics program being run in Peru in alliance with the Peruvian Airforce. Apparently all planes that had been shot down over Peru were shot within two to three minutes of being sighted, and were not properly identified, nor were they given the required warnings to land and were not given a chance to respond to those warnings. However, between 1995 and 2001 the C.I.A. reported that they had complied with all procedures. This information was withheld from the Department of Justice when the case of the missionary plane being shot down in 2001, and thus the DOJ chose not to file charges against officials because they were not given the proper information that shows that there were people at fault for the shooting.

                -Xenia Fisher

“Family racked by CIA cover-up”

Matthew Sturdevant

Daily Press online


Published: Sat. Nov. 22, 2008 Accessed: Sun. Nov. 23, 2008

                The plane that was shot down in 2001 over Peru was carrying missionaries, and the woman and her 7 month old daughter were killed. One of the bullets from the fighter jet hit Veronica Bowers in the back and went straight through her and into the skull of her daughter, Charity, who was sitting on her lap. Her husband and their son, along with the pilot of the plane all survived the shooting and crash landing. The family later found out the reason they never got an answer as to why they died and why no one was ever prosecuted for their deaths was because the C.I.A. covered up the mistakes they made in the shooting and buried the information blaming the people responsible for the mistake when there was an internal investigation.

                -Xenia Fisher

“CIA lied about shoot-down of missionary plane, report says”

Greg Miller

The Los Angeles Times online


Published: Fri. Nov. 21, 2008 Accessed: Sun. Nov. 23, 2008

                An internal investigation lead to a report about the C.I.A. repeatedly trying to cover-up mishaps on their part in order to avoid criminal investigations. They denied Congress, the National Security Council and the Department of Justice access to documents that clearly stated that officials had repeatedly violated procedures on proper drug interdiction in Peru. In addition the report concludes that senior agency members withheld information from top Bush administration officials, one of whom was then National Security Advisor Condolezza Rice. The report could lead to further investigation of the now terminated project in Peru, and could reopen the possibility of criminal prosecutions.

                -Xenia Fisher



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