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Circle K

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Circle K, is all about volunteering. Circle K is the college chapter in an organization dedicated to helping others. Circle K has fundraisers and all the contributions help people in need. Not only do they help people just in Madison but they try to help and reach to other people throughout New Jersey. This club is linked to the club in Chatham and the national organization. Many of the fundraisers they sponsor help people volunteer without knowing. They host pizza parties and car washes. This group is very active and sets their mind on one task and completes it. (Amelia Jeffcoat)


Why someone might join

People might join because they would like to help others. The activites and the fundraisers are not that hard. You can also meet new people and travel outside of Drew to help the community. (Amelia Jeffcoat)



Firehouse Pizza Fundraiser

Alex's Lemonade Stand

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