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College Republicans

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The Mission of the College Republicans is to maintain the conservative ideas and practices at Drew University.  The members try to work for an acceptance of the conservative mindset through educational prgramming.  The club also gives emphasis on topics that matter most to Republican young students in today‚Äôs society and provides insight for the upcoming election.

-Tom Murray

The drew university college republicans is an organization to encourage and educate students about the republican party.  They also assist in elections at the local, state, and national levels.  The group even has its own constitution and elected officials, including a president and vice president.  To become a member you can either go to there website at gop@drew.edu or contact them over the phone at(973)-408-4708.  Meeting times are usually once a month at the presidents choosing.  For more information you can go to their link on the Drew University Student Group Homepage.

-Andrew Buchanan


Have you ever been sitting in you high school American Government class and felt alone on your conservative view? If you have then College Republicans are perfect for you. It is a community that has similar beliefs as you and will make you feel like you belong. They keep their members  involved in current events involving the Republican campaigns. College Republicans will help assist its members in any political questions they have including registering them to vote. Become a member and you will even get a chance to see Republican speakers at our very own Drew University.


- Ted Randazzo


Why someone might join

Being in such a political environment, such as college, it is only natural to have both a Republican group on campus as well as a Democratic group.  I was pleased to find this group on campus because having the election so close I want to get involved in politics and get to know the candidates that I could possibly vote for.

-Tom Murray


I was very surprised to find out that there is a group representing the Republican Party on campus.  As an avid follower of politics and primarily a republican myself I was pleased to see their presence.  Since I hope to major in political science I could definitely see myself joining this group or one similar to it.  However I was shocked to find only one party represented at Drew!  I would encourage more students to get involved in politics, no matter what their affiliation is.

-Andrew Buchanan

College Republicans is a necessity for every college campus to have. It is important for college students to keep up with politics and know what is going on in their country no matter their beliefs. This is an organization that I would definitely think about joining because I am very passionate about the Republican party and would like to be as active a member as possible.

-Ted Randazzo


add news about the club and descriptions and reviews of events here (even if you didn't join you can attend events!) Give each event a level 3 heading

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