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Crisis in the Congo

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"Congo refugees suffer shooting, rape and looting"

Anita Powell (Associated Press) 



Written 11/21/08 Accessed 11/21/08 2:30 pm


     Recently the Congo has been overturned and is facing much turmoil. Soldiers have invaded and destroyed it. Soldiers have been on the loose destroying many villages and harming the lives of others. They raped several women. While trying to rape one woman they shot another. All this is happening to the people in the Congo that are already refugees. Not only are the soldiers shooting and trying to rape women, they are also stealing. About 67,000 people have overturned the village of Kibati. When the news spread of this the UN decided to send troops to help protect the people of Kibati. Although the UN is trying to help the president of the Congo does not believe the additional 3100 troops will help because the number of the people destroying Kibati is significantly larger.- Amelia Jeffcoat


"Confusion Reigns on the Congo's Front Line" 

Jeffrey Gettlemen

New York Times online


Written 11/21/08 Accessed 11/21/08 4 pm


     For the last past three weeks the people in the Congo have been involved in a war. Although for the last past decade a war has waged in the Congo this one is more confusing. Rebels have taken over and many people believe this war is focused more by politics. The rebels have destroyed, killed and kept many captive. Their leader is named Laurent Nkunda. Due to the fighting many people have fled their homes and become refugees in order to protect themselves. Many students cannot attend school because the rebels have stolen everything inside the schools, especially in Kibumba. Many children are wandering the streets, trying to sell items in order to get money.  People are reufusing to go back to their homes until the government can do something to stop the rebels and end the fighting. –Amelia Jeffcoat



"UN Chief Appeals for Congo Rebel Leader to Keep Cease-Fire, Begin Dialogue"

Steve Herman

News voa.com


Written October 31, 2008 Accessed 11/21/08 5 pm


       The United Nations is asking people from the Tutsi rebels to end the fighting; they would like a cease fire. Instead of them fighting, they would rather the rebels sit down and talk with them because it would be more productive. The Tutsi rebels are invading and killing the Congolese people. The UN has already sent in 17,000 troops but that has not stopped the rebels yet. The Tutsi leader, Laurent Nkunda commands 10,000 fighters. Him and his followers threatened to take the capital near the borders of Rwanda unless they are guaranteed a cease-fire. Nkunda has been involved in many wars and rebel activity. This is not his first. He has lead over two wars in the last past 12 years and people  believe he is the National Congress for People’s Defense - Amelia Jeffcoat



“Rebels Used Boots, Not Suits, Seek to Govern Congo”

Jeffery Gettlemen

New York Times online


Written 11/19/2008 Accessed 11/23/08



     The crisis in the Congo is very difficult to explain. Fighting has been going on for months, although now not as much because of the cease-fire and the people from the Congo are unsure who to trust. The rebels say they are fighting to liberate the people and soldiers are fighting to protect. Even with that said both the rebels and the soldiers are harming the Congolese. Soldiers are beating and raping women and the rebels are doing the same thing as well. Although they do not kill people as they soldiers, the rebels still beat them. They are also taking advantage of the people because they collect and steal money from people by gunpoint. The leader of the rebels Laurent Nkunda wants people to look at him as a political leader because he believes he is trying to help free the Congolese people. Since the fight has started it has affected many people, especially the 150,000 people who live in Rutshuru and Kiwanja as well as Kibati, who are all under rebel control. Rebels are trying very hard to distinguish themselves from the government police officers. They were the stolen uniforms from the police to show that they will protect people. They are also forcing and kidnapping young men to join them. Younger boys are very important because they can be used as spies, fighters, and sex slaves. The rebels have but many of the young men on the front line to die. –Amelia Jeffcoat


“UN Chief and African Leaders Seek Congo Peace”

Jeffery Gettlemen

New York Times online


Written 11/9/2008 Accessed 11/30/08 10 pm


Recently leaders and presidents of the countries surrounding the Congo sat down to have a

meeting on what to do about the crisis that is currently taking place there. The leaders represented the countries of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo Republic, and they also including the people from the United Nations. This meeting took place in Nairobi, Kenya. The only person, who was not at this meeting, is the leader of the rebels, Laurent Nkunda who started the whole crisis. Laurent Nkunda is the leader of the rebels who started the problems that the Congo is currently involved in around the beginning of August. His mission and goal was to take over the Congo. He was not invited to the meeting of leaders because the presidents of the other countries do not see him as one. The fighting worsened in early November when Nkunda’s army took over Goma turning thousands of people into refugees. Most of the refugees are homeless and starving. Right after capturing Goma, Nkunda ordered a cease-fire which the United Nations is trying to make sure stays intake. The leaders in the African Union believe the only way to end the crisis is for the Congolese government to talk to the rebels, but the government will not. They blame the rebels for everything that has happened in the region as far as violence. . The Congo is not new to conflict; ongoing problems have struck the country for the last ten years.  The wars in the Congo have killed many people and most of them die from hunger. People believe that the rebels are not acting alone, but they are receiving help from Rwanda, but the Rwanda government denies that. The Human Eights people would like the UN to do more because they believe they are not protecting the people in the Congo. The UN has deployed 17000 troops to the Congo but more are needed. This makes this there biggest mission in the world. – Amelia Jeffcoat.


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