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Final Portfolio

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Due no later than 5 PM on December 10th (second reading day)


The Final Portfolio


Reread all of the work you have done this semester and select two essays that were notpart of the mid-term portfolio. You will work on these paper in class and alone. The challenge: perfect them so that they demonstrate everything you have learned this semester (and before). Once the papers are as perfect as they can be, put them in a plain manila folder along with the Preface (see below) 


The Portfolio Preface (a rhetorical and process-based argument)

Reread all of the work you have done this semester and write an analysis of the progress you see, the things you still need to work on, and the work you have completed this semester. Your thesis will be a general statement about yourself as a writer, and you will use your work as evidence to support your claim. You might discuss the paper on which you worked hardest, the one that was the most frustrating, and the one of which you are most proud, the one that changed the most during revision, or the one you never want to think about again! You might also discuss papers you have written for other classes and ways the skills you practiced in this class did or did not apply in those other papers. Perhaps you’ll want to discuss the most useful thing you have learned this semester. If your attitude toward writing has changed, you might want to discuss that as well. Your rhetorical purpose is to offer an assessment of yourself as a writer and convince readers to believe it. 



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