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Description of KUUMBA


The first organization I attended was KUUMBA.  I was standing there and some girl came up to me and told me that I should join this group.  She said, “Hey you should join this group because there is not many of us lying around this school.”  I automatically thought that she was referring to my skin color, which makes sense because there aren’t many of us in this school.  This organization has poetry slams and they have conversations that can shape our society and make it a better place.  Of course they talk about African American culture, and I want to be a part of that.  They have meetings once a week and they talk about their next event and different topics that comes up.

Sheila Larose


One club at Drew is Kuumba which is a Pan-African student organization. This organization does activities to learn more about the African-American culture. They have different events to discuss issues that have or will affect our society. They also have meetings that are open to people that are not part of the organization get different people’s opinions, they also join together with different organizations at Drew for different events.

           Kathryn Kozma


Drew University’s Pan-African student Organization (KUUMBA) is focused on distinguishing the African American culture and life. KUUMBA host a vast variety of events exposing of the beauty of the African American culture. Among poetry slams and fireside chats on issues of concern they conduct workshops promoting awareness in society. Meet are held Bi-weekly and are available to the public. The executive board includes CO-chair Jazzmine Smith & Nigel Henley, Publicist Laurel Simon, Treasurer Arvolyn Hill, Secretary Derrissa Raynold, and Webmaster Matice McMillian.

Geneva Lewis


Why someone might join


I thought the club had a lot to offer to me.  Also I feel as though that I could learn a lot from this organization because its African American culture and I don’t know much about it.  I also feel that it is important to learn these things when you know you have the chance to no matter what your race is.  I joined this club, but I don’t know how long I would stay in it because I don’t know if I could work and handle two clubs at the same time.

Sheila Larose


 They stand for good things and I would love to learn more about different communities but they also do alot of group activities such as spoken word and discussions. This group could help people step out of their shell.

          Kathryn Kozma


I take great pleasure in knowing that Drew University is going above and beyond to put a stop the stereotype so offend assosated   with African Americans. I am an African American and there are times when our culture is only referred to as a hindrance to society, it can become discouraging. KUMMBA defies the norm and establishes the truth of the African American culture. There is no doubt in my mind that says I wouldn’t join this organization, they are motivated to set the record straight and that is a mission that I can appreciate.

 Geneva Lewis



add news about the club and descriptions and reviews of events here (even if you didn't join you can attend events!) Give each event a level 3 heading

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