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Men's Rugby

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Rugby is a little known sport in America that is steadily growing. It is a popular alternative to football in many European countries. The objective of the game is similar to American football, where one team tries to obtain possession of the ball and take it to their touch line. The field itself is 100m by 69m with two goal posts about five and a half meters high. Players can also score by kicking the ball between the goal posts. Opposing teams can tackle someone in possession of the ball, thereby forcing him to release it and both teams contest for the ball. Rugby has a reputation as being a “rough” sport, which is very appropriate because most of the protective equipment is optional.



Drew has male and female rugby teams which are both club sports. There are not enough colleges that play rugby around here to make this sport a varsity one. This sport is very intense and is looked at like a combination of soccer and football. It has been around for more than 30 years. They have a table in which is handed down by every senior class to the under classmen after each rugby season, and if you have played rugby for four years you get to sign it. Practices are twice a week with games on Sundays. A game could last between five to six hours depending on how far away we have to drive. The team is walk on so if you want to join all you have to do is show up, some kids have experience but it is not mandatory.

-Andrew Cohn


Why someone might join


I think having sports that are not part of the NCAA on a college campus very important. From personal experience I never found interest in many of the popular sports available such as basketball, football, baseball and soccer. The exoticness of the sport attracts many misfits who need a change, or adventurous athletes willing to try something new. Culturally there is also significance to having these other sports available. Having sports popular in other countries brings America out of that alienation that it seems we have dug ourselves into. Sports like rugby, judo, and cricket allow us to connect to other countries. I have considered joining on many occasions, but am still on the fence about it because I would like to continue my own sport of judo.


I really like this year’s rugby team. All of the guys that I have met so far are pretty cool and actually respect some of the freshmen. I have been recruited and am going to play for Drew’s team. I was actually surprised I joined because I hadn’t planned on playing rugby but once I got back into it I realized how much fun it actually is. I have already had two practices and have really enjoyed myself. The captain this year is very responsible and a good leader. We have a strong returning amount of players from last year with good potential in our rookies so the odds are in our favor for the season. Freshmen will actually get some solid playing time within the first few games so that is really exciting. I can’t wait to get out there and start hitting people.

-Andrew Cohn



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