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Offshore drilling

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"Bush Calls for End to Ban on Offshore Oil Drilling"

Sheryl Gay Stoleberg

New York Times Online


Published: June, 19, 2008 Accessed: Sep.25.08



One of the ongoing conflicts that Americans struggle with today is the decision to part take in offshore drilling. The central idea of offshore drilling is to both lower gasoline prices and to slowly encourage the Unites to become less dependent on foreign countries natural resources. In Mid July, President Bush addressed this issue by stressing that importance to act immediately before the American people can no longer afford these increasing prices. As many were skeptical at first, we have seen that this has clearly changed since the gasoline prices show no sign in decreasing. When presented with the plan to drill off of the United States, the Democratic Party was immediately opposed. But recently with the Presidential election going on, this topic is imperative and in this case both parties have shown and stated that Oil Drilling must be considered in the future, in order to relieve economic stress on the American People. 




“U.S House passes bill allowing offshore drilling”

Ayesha Rascoe, Reuters

The Vancouver Sun


Published: Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Date Accessed: Sep.20.08





 One of the recent debates that many citizens within the U.S are discussing is the issue of offshore drilling. The question at hand is whether the United States should allow offshore oil drilling to take place off of the coasts of the United States. Recently this past week the U.S House of Representatives did in fact decide to pass legislation to put an end to the ban against off shoring drilling. With gas prices continuously on the rise, the house members and more importantly, political leaders recognize that offshore drilling is an issue that needs to be addressed. Offshore drilling has now caught the eye of the Democratic Party as well. By owning our own energy sources, the hopes are too not only have a domestic energy source, but to lower gas prices as well and alleviate economic stress on the American people.


“ McCain seeks to end offshore drilling Ban”

By Michael D. Shear and Juliet Eilperin

     The Washington post


Tuesday, June 17, 2008; Page A01

Date accessed: Sep.20.08




 As American citizens reluctantly try to adjust to the increase in gas prices, Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain tries to tackle the complex issue. Although the hopes of offshore drilling are to reduce the price of gas, there must be other factors that need to be addressed as well. Recently, McCain has acknowledged and stated that offshore drilling is the answer to reduce gas prices and to wean away from dependence on foreign oil.  Environmental activists have come out to say that McCain’s plan to support offshore drilling is both reckless and turns a blind eye on damaging large amounts of our coast line.  The issue has now caused further uproar within the environmental community. The question has now molded into what is more important, decreasing in the gas prices upon the American people?, or to continue with the rise of gasoline in order to preserve the coastlines of the U.S?



Mark Murray



Published Friday, August 01, 2008 6:49 PM by Mark Murray
Filed Under: 2008, Economy, Obama

Date accessed: Sep.20.08


Summary:  As presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama continue to find ways to address the issue of gas prices within the United States, Senator Obama has clearly stated his plan. One of concerns in offshore drilling is the effect upon the aquatic environment due to the establishment of oil drillers. Obama has clearly stated that offshore drilling will lower gas prices, but that he would only back the establishment of oil drillers on the coasts of America with the interests of the environment as well.  He also states that the establishment of oil drillers is a long-term investment and will not have an effect upon decreasing gas prices for another ten years once being built.


“House Adopts Plan to Ease Offshore Drilling Ban”


The New York Times


Published: September 16, 2008

Date Accessed: Sep.20.08


Summary:  The ongoing talk that has spread throughout the political world in the past weeks has been the new option in effort to lower gas prices.   In response to the American peoples outrage towards gas prices, the House of Representatives have agreed to plan to ease the offshore drilling ban. Although this has caused an immediate uproar within the environmental community, environmentalists across the country worry about the effects of offshore drilling on the environment. The feeling within the environmental community itself it that the American community as a whole is looking for immediate action and is willing to pay the long term price in order to overcome the short term stressors.







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