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Poverty and Hunger in Haiti

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"Children dying in Haiti, victims of food crisis"

By: Jonathon M. Katz

World news feed article, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/feedarticle/8063590

Published: November 23, 2008; Retrieved: November 23, 2008

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.  They do not have much there, but after Hurricane Ike everything was destroyed.  There is a girl who is four years old and she was about twenty pounds.  She hasn’t eaten since Hurricane Ike.  This girl is not the only child who is going through this there are several others who are malnourished.  The past four weeks there were at least twenty six children who died because of malnourishment. Sixty percent of Haiti’s food is gone because of the storm.  Because there is not much food left, they raise the prices on the food.  The prices are so high everyone in Haiti is starving, and dying as well.

-Sheila Larose


"UN Director fears more death from malnutrition in Haiti"

By: Melissa Bryant, SKN Vibes http://www.sknvibes.com/News/NewsDetails.cfm/7480

Published: November 23, 2008; Retrieved: November 23, 2008


The World Food Program brought tons of food for the people in Haiti after Hurricane Ike.  The people in Haiti already suffered from having no food, and for the Hurricane.  Although the World Food Program gives them food it is also hard for them to deliver the food as well, which is horrible to know because they need the food.


Title: Haitian children severely malnourished

Retrieved: November 23, 2008

Published: November 23, 2008


Source: Front Page


In Port au Prince there are children with legs as skinny as twigs because of malnourishment. Young Davidson Pierre I two and he doesn’t eat, but he is so skinny that he can’t even sit down.  He doesn’t even have an emotion because he doesn’t eat.  Recently there were 46 children who were hospitalized because they are malnourished.  UNICEF are trying their best to help them.


Title: Storm-related food crisis killing Haiti's children

Retrieved: November 23, 2008

Published: November 21, 2008

By: The Associated Press

Source: News Day




Children have legs the size of broomsticks because they are starving in Haiti.  Children are dying every single day because of the storm, and it is terrible. Before the storm they were starving because Haiti does not have much food to eat.  The food is so expensive people can’t even buy it.  This is terrible because there is not much for them to do, but to starve.


Title: Healing Hands for Haiti needs help

Published: November 28, 2008

Retrieved: November 29, 2008

By: Dawn House

Website: http://www.sltrib.com/business/ci_11096657

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

There were four hurricanes that hit Haiti the past couple of years. Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike were the four hurricanes that damaged Haiti. It brought damage to not only the property, but to the people as well. The hurricanes caused Haiti to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Children and adults are dying every day because of this disaster. Healing Hands for Haiti is a group that is helping Haiti recover. They are providing medical attention to the people who need it, and they are providing education for the children who cannot afford it. Healing Hands for Haiti is trying to prevent this from happening to them again so the people in Haiti become safe. The people in Haiti feel that it is a curse from voodoo and they feel that is why they are going through this crisis with no food, and going through pain. The hurricanes affected them pretty bad how much more can they can take. Hopefully there will be no more hurricanes in the future.


Title: US lawmaker calls for action against Haiti hunger

Published: November27, 2008

Retrieved: November 29, 2008

By Jonathon M. Katz

Website: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5g9cwL-99PdbfXF9inFKrUaHw8hmQD94MVVC80

Source: Associated Press

According to Maxine Waters from California believes that UNAID is not helping Haiti enough. Twenty six children dying is too many because they do not deserve to die because of starvation. Hurricane Ike killed 793 people and thousands were injured. The Hurricane caused over a million dollars worth of damage. This is very devastating for the people in Haiti. The UNAID needs to make sure that children are getting the nutrition that they need to survive, and they need to give them the therapy they need to help them.



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