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Step Team

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Description of the Drew University Step Team


Drew University offers a large verity of clubs and programs for any student interested. The Drew University Step Team is one of many clubs that exists at Drew. Stepping is a form of dance that is traced back to an African cultural dance called the Gumboot Dance. This cultural dance portrays a series on precise hand and foot movements and chanting. African tribes used this universal dance as a way of expression to communicate with other tribes. In the United States Stepping has been present in many sororities and fraternities. It can be traced as far as the 1940’s. Stepping involves a series of precise hand clapping; foot stomping, body movement as well as singing, and speaking. Though the Drew Step Team is a new team they have had a great privilege of performing at many different events in and out of campus such as talent shows, school games and church events. Because of this team is a new team it gives everyone a chance to learn for each other and creates steps that are entertaining and creative. The Step team meets about two to three times a week. All are welcome to join!

~ Selam Kassa


I always wanted to be in a step team, but I don’t have much talent.  It will be fun to learn some moves, since I don’t know any.  I assumed that Drew didn’t have a step team and now I’m happy that I do.  The girls there representing the team informed me that there is a lot of traditional tap dance, African, and Irish music.  We use our hands and feet to express that music.  They perform at games, churches, talent shows, and a lot of campus activities.   It is a new team founded in 2006 which means it took a while for them to come up with a step team, but I’m glad they did.

 ~ Sheila Larose



Why someone might join


I actually signed up for the team, and I’m excited about it also.  It will be an amazing experience for me to learn something new.  I really don’t step, but I’m willing to make an effort.

 ~ Sheila Larose

In high school I was the captain of my step team senior year. I was surprised to see that Drew University, being a liberal arts school had a step team. Usually Step teams are most popular in HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) or college sororities and fraternities. I was very happy to see that there was a step team because I really love stepping. Stepping is my way of letting any of my frustrations out through the expression of body movements. I was disappointed at the fact that there were no sororities and fraternities, but knowing that a step team was created, may be this can led to creating a series of sororities and fraternities at Drew. I look forward to joining the Drew Step Team and learning and offering my ideas on steps. If you have any questions regarding the Drew Step Team contact Angie at aphilli1@drew.edu.edu ext. 4865, Nicole McClear at nmcclear@drew.edu ext. 5742, Alicia Patten at apatten@drew.edu ext 4510.

 ~ Selam Kassa 




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