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The Large Hadron Collider

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“Asking a Judge to Save the World, and Maybe a Whole Lot More




New York Times online



March 29, 2008.  Consulted September 22, 2008



Walter L. Wagner and Luis Sancho, two men from Hawaii, are trying to stop the Large Hadron Collider (L.H.C.) from operating until it is proven to be safe.  The L.H.C. is the most powerful experimental particle collider ever built.  It is located near Geneve, Switzerland.  Wagner and Sancho are worried that the L.H.C. could create a black hole or a strangelet, which would destroy the entire planet.

-Charles Basler



“Large Hadron Collider Enables Hunt For 'God' Particle To Complete 'Theory Of Everything' 

By University of Washington

Science Daily online


May 29, 2008.  Consulted September 29, 2008



Henry Lubatti and Colin Daly, scientists at the University of Washington, have built Atlas, an experiment involved with the Large Hadron Collider (L.H.C.).  The manufacture of Atlas was a grueling process, requiring a great deal of precision.  Researchers across the world hope Atlas will shed light on the forces that created the universe.  Atlas is installed in the L.H.C., and should function when the collider starts operation in the summer of 2008.

-Charles Basler



“Hackers break into Large Hadron Collider computer”

By Larry Greenemeier

Scientific American online


September 12, 2008, accessed September 29, 2008



During the first week of the Large Hadron Collider(L.H.C.)’s operation, a group of hackers broke into the computers that run it.  They defaced the website and left a calling card identifying themselves as the “Greek Security Team”.  The hackers did not sabotage the project or cause any permanent damage, instead pointing out the vulnerabilities in the L.H.C.’s network.  The hackers probably did it to gain notoriety and to give the L.H.C.’s engineers a “heads up” on where to improve their security in case someone meaning real harm tries to do so.

-Charles Basler



“Problems Stall Action for Collider”

By Dennis Overbye

New York Times Online


September 19, 2008, accessed September 29, 2008

The Large Hadron Collider(L.H.C.) has run into some technical problems, and has shut down for repairs.  A power transformer failed, and a large amount of helium spilled into the tunnel, causing further problems.  CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, says that if all goes well, the collider could be back in business by mid October.

-Charles Basler



“Large Hadron Collider down for 2 months”



September 20, 2008, accessed September 29, 2008



The Large Hadron Collider(L.H.C.) sustained major damage a couple days after it started operating.  It was thought that it was simply a power transformer that went bad, but the problem turned out to be more serious.  Normally, the problem could be fixed in a couple of days, but because the L.H.C. works at incredibly cold temperatures, it will take weeks just to heat up the part of the supercollider necessary to complete repairs, and weeks more to cool it down again.  CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, says that the L.H.C. will be undergoing repairs for at least 2 months.

-Charles Basler


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