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The media portrayal of John McCain

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Political Punch

Power, pop, and probings from ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper


October, 22, 2008 11:14 pm

Date accessed: October,23, 2008

As the presidential election is starting to come to a close, it the popularity of the potential candidates has become increasingly important. Recently, studies have shown that republican candidate John McCain has continued to be seen in a negative light throughout the compaign. ABC Senior national correspondent, Jake Tapper writes , “In many ways, the arc of the media narrative during this phase of the 2008 general election might be best described as a drama in which John McCain has acted and Barack Obama has reacted."” (Tapper) Overtime this has continued to be the case in the presidential election and will be interesting to see if this negative view of McCain will change at all as the complain comes to an end.


McCain's media coverage largely negative, Pew Research Center finds

By James Rainey

October 23, 2008


Date accessed: October, 23, 2008

During the Presidential election it is clear that both candidates have experienced negative reactions from both the public and the media. Throughout the presidential complain both Barack Obama and John McCain have said things in which have resulted in heavy negative criticize. Although both candidates have experiences negative feedback, there is no doubt in that John McCain has experienced a larger amount of criticism throughout the entire election process.  When the public was asked about certain topics within the debate, most people said that they were a combination of mixed and negative towards some of Obama’s policies, where in the case of John McCain most of the reactions where not mixed and were clearly negative on some of his presented policies. Overall, both candidates have experienced severe blows during the election.



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McCain Camp: Obama's Running The Most Negative Campaign Ever

23 Oct 2008 07:35 pm

date accessed : october 23, 2008


As the presidential compaign is starting to wind down, it has become increasingly more evident that John McCains presidential compaign is seen in a negative light. In trying to determine which compaign is more negative, certain factors are  being accessed. Throughout the presidential compaign John McCain has used a several negative forms of media and tv ads to critisize his fellow opponent, Barack Obama, Likewise, Barack Obama has also made several negative tv ads towards McCain as well. Overall it is appartent that this presidential compaign as a whole is very negative and both oppontents are trying to dig up as much information or false facts as possible to hinder the opponent. In doing so, it is important to note that both canidates are and will continue to make several false claims about the other.





McCain win would shock the media

Published Thursday, October 23, 2008

Date accessed: October, 23, 2008



Throughout the presidentiala compaign it is clear that the media has deffinatly shed a negative light on the republican party. Whether reporting on Sarah Palin or John McCain, the media has continued to make jab after jab. On the other hand the media has not been as harsh on the democratic canidates , Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Although the stabs at John McCain and Sarah Palin are quite frequent, it is important for one to question whether the reporting on both sides or that both sides are being evenly reported on, or in this case, negativly reported on.





Comments (2)

sandra jamieson said

at 8:19 pm on Oct 29, 2008

Hey Beau, you need to evaluate these articles rather than just summarizing them. I do see a theme--negative coverage. If the Pew Center finds the coverage negative, you could look for some examples of that and basically make your paper an exploration of the challenge made by the Pew Center. Does that work? Start by writing two more summaries and responses to all of these. The overall summary of what you found is due by midnight tonight. Let me know if you have any questions!

Beau said

at 10:23 pm on Oct 29, 2008

Professor, I have decided to report on Darfur and there is a page in which I have posted 7 article summeries, with an evaluation for each. At the end of the page there are also two drafts of the paragraphs that overall evaluate all of the articles as a whole.

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