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The war between Russia and Georgia

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“Georgia and Russia Nearing All-Out War”

By: Annie Barnard

New York Times


August 9, 2008

November 21, 2008

The tensions between Russia and its former Soviet nation-state, Georgia had come to a head on August 9 when it appeared a war between the two nations was inevitable.  The countries continued their dispute over the territory of Abkhazia.  According to the Georgia’s Interior Ministry, the Russian Air Force began to bomb Georgian military bases.  The conflict seems to have an unfortunate ending for Georgia who had hoped to receive aid from the West, most notably from the United States.  Georgia thought that with pressure from America, Russia would not continue their war efforts. –Tom Murray



“Georgia War Sours Investor Mood in Russia”

By: Javier Espinoza



August 11, 2008

November 23, 2008

Due to its war with Georgia, Russian stocks are expected to take a plunge in the financial world.  As Forbes.com reported, Ronald Smith, chief strategist at Alfa Bank stated "Russia is trading really cheaply, and this is yet another blow to investors' confidence.”  He goes on to explain, “"Three weeks ago, the Russian market was one of the top three in the world. While the rest had sunk 17%-50%, Russian stocks had fallen only 5.0%.”  In addition to the war between Russian and Georgia, the downfall could be contributed to oil trading and the financial crisis in the United States. –Tom Murray



Conflict Escalates Between Russia, Georgia”

By: Gregory Feifer



May 2, 2008

November 23, 2008

Russia sent more troops into Georgia.  This action is causing more fears that a conflict between the two nations will eventually occur.  Russians are saying that there is evidence that Georgia is organizing a resistance against the forces from their former mother country. –Tom Murray



“Russia, Georgia Joust over Talk on Abkhazia Base”

“Russia and Georgia Clash over Separatist Region”

By Michael Schwirtz, Anne Barnard, and C.J. Chivers

New York Times


August 8, 2008

November 30, 2008

Despite the Western countries condemning Russia’s war with Georgia, troops from Russia remained in its former Soviet territory.  Armored Russian military vehicles including tanks, artillery and reconnaissance arrived in South Ossetia’s capital city of Tskhinvali, the territory that is causing the tensions between Russia and Georgia.  With neither side appearing to back down, a war has become inevitable.  According to Richard Holbrooke, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, he states that Russia has two goals for entering the war against Georgia.  The first reason is annex South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Secondly, they will attempt to overthrow Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia. –Tom Murray

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