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WMNJ Radio

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WMNJ is a student run radio station.  The station lets the students dictate what is put on during every show.  Whether be talk radio, sports talk, or just straight music, the radio station is made for the student community by the student community.

-Tom Murray


Why someone might join


When I found the information table for the radio station I was quite pleased.  I always found a career in radio to be interesting.  In my high school I wanted to join the radio club, however I always was timid in doing so, and did not.  With the opportunity rising again I feel like I cannot pass it up.  If I do join the radio station I believe I would either have a sports type show or a show with just strictly music.

-Tom Murray


add news about the club and descriptions and reviews of events here (even if you didn't join you can attend events!) Give each event a level 3 heading

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